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Computer Engraving

Portrait Engraving...

We now have the technology to engrave images on discs as key rings, dog tags, pendants etc, either from photographs, emails, memory cards or even scanned images. 

The Perfect Picture...

Ideally pictures need to be clear and not have similar colours in the background.


Image 1

Here we have lightened the photo so that the  engraving machine will pick up more of the detail in the hair and eyes. Although this doesn't look like a big change it does make a difference.


Image 1

To the left, the image on the left shows what the disc will look like when it is printed. The image on the right is the finished disk. This image was printed on a brass disc to become a key ring. Other metals are available, Gold, Silver, Stainless Steal, Etc.

Available Fonts...

Most word fonts are available on the program to be printed. The most popular fonts are:



Cooper Black

French Script

Old English Text

Segoe Script

Times New Roman

If you have a certain font in mind please ask and we will see if it is available.   

Any font can be sized to fit the available space.